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Every morning healthcare providers receive streams of payments from a myriad of sources, in a variety of mediums.  Just receiving the files and corresponding content is an opaque and difficult process to keep up with. 

For decades the industry has cobbled together various tools and tactics to try to keep up with the daily posting and reconciling of cash. 

Every day....deposits and receipts end up in an un-reconciled status within the EMR/PAS resulting in cluttered worklists, un-billed secondary claims, and growing financial and compliance risks resulting from unresolved balances. 

Every day....payment reform models are being introduced which will require providers to efficiently adapt their deposit-to-post processes to be able to analyze and respond accordingly.


The i8 team combines decades of experience working closely with healthcare providers to design and build technology enabled solutions to solve acute problems within the business of healthcare.  


At i8 Health Solutions we help our hospital clients solve many of their core operational needs in the deposit-to-post cycle.  

Get more done, in less time, with fewer resources.   


Cash balancing and reconciliation is a challenge for every business office.  Our CashARC solution will deliver Automation, Reconciliation and Control across your cash management routines. 


835's are a data-rich source of information.  Leverage our remitHUB solution to empower your team to efficiently determine "what your payers are doing to you".


i8 Health's solutions are integrated with a powerful business intelligence tool to allow you to quickly and clearly analyze every aspect of your payment and processing details.   


Repetitive manual tasks are painful and expensive!   Let's use our automation tools, combined with our "Policy Automation Library" (your new PAL), to make your day more productive.

Expert Consulting and Solutions for the Deposit-to-Post Cycle