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Who We Are

i8 Health is a team whose members have spent the majority of their careers in the healthcare services and technology industry.  Collectively, we’ve designed, developed, delivered and supported numerous technology solutions that improve a variety of activities in the business of healthcare.  Several of the products we’ve previously conceived or enhanced are still in use in some of the largest healthcare providers in the US.  Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse experiences and skill-sets, ranging from the management of Hospital PFS and Cash Application departments, to operators of clearinghouses in the largest Revenue Cycle companies in the US, to medical banking product development with the largest Bank in the US, to Big-8 accounting experience, to entrepreneurial technologists.


What We Do

Simply put, we make the business side of healthcare more efficient.  We use our technical and product development backgrounds to deliver solutions to help automate specific high-value, high-volume tasks in order to lower costs and create predictable, scalable outcomes.  Specifically, we give the Cash Applications, Finance, Accounting, Compliance, Treasury and IT departments more VISIBILITY, CONTROL, and EFFICIENCY of their “Deposit-to-Post” processes.   We use our in-depth understanding of the transaction flows and business processes within the business office to help clients understand what is possible with properly designed and implemented enabling technologies.  Most importantly, What We Do is treat our Clients, our Partners, and our colleagues with respect and appreciation.


How We Do It

We’ve learned a lot over our 25+ year careers from the many technology solutions we’ve built and implemented.  We continue to innovate with new technologies around new opportunities within the emerging systems and policies that drive the healthcare industry.  Our experience is that Clients can tell when you are truly interested in being a "plus" to their organization, and they will guide you on what the market needs.  How We Do our work is with fairness, pride, intensity, openness and appreciation.