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At the heart of i8 Health’s “Deposit-to-Post” solutions is our proprietary Payments and Receipts data engine and workflow software called CashARC.   This cloud-based application encompasses the end-to-end processes that interrogate, classify, distribute, and reconcile all deposit and remittance transactions across multiple billing and GL systems.

CashARC, along with our other integrated features from  “technology-enabled, process-automation” solutions provide health systems with an unparalleled ability to manage a range of Deposit and Receipt transactions throughout the end-to-end process.  Our 5-point reconciliation framework allows any organization to have confidence they are being alerted to, and proactively addressing, areas where their daily routines are not being completed as efficiently and comprehensively as possible.


ANSI X-12 835 databases are commonplace in the healthcare market.  That said, not all databases are created equally.  We highly recommend  our clients leverage the power of our RemitHUB solution to capture and analyze the nuances of what your "payers are doing to you".   With our industry leading data ingestion and interrogation capabilities we can import a years worth of your 835's and present back to you within 72 hours a series of high-value reports and analytics.      


One of the key differentiating factors of our i8 Team is the fact we actively insert ourselves into business office routines to help solve problems.   Our approach is to take your Policies with regard to certain activities and incorporate them with our tools. We refer to these capabilities as our PALs.  PAL stands for Policy Automation Library. They are great tools to achieve the next level of end-to-end automation. Over our careers we have leveraged several process-automation technologies to assist our clients with becoming more efficient and informed.  



Overriding all our data and process management activities is a sophisticated Data Visualization/BI tool.  Our innovative cashIQ solution allows users from any department in any hospital, to an executive at the Parent entity, to intelligently review masses of data in summarized or drill-down views.  Our solutions capture every discrete data element in every transaction brought through our process.   We can even append these core data elements with other data extracts from your host systems to provide a more comprehensive analysis.  CashIQ  is powerful, yet simple enough for our clients to self-administer with a little training from our staff.  


Additionally, as organizations march along the Paper-to-Electronic conversion path for as many of their transactions as possible, they are inevitably saddled with some percentage of their transactions persisting as paper-based.  Our PaperPAL product takes the numerous, inefficient, error-prone steps for processing paper out of your routines.  PaperPAL is an industry leading OCR-based conversion solution to get all your unstructured, paper-based documents into a discrete data set from which your processes can be more automated.


The bottom line is we are in the business of helping our clients improve their bottom line.  We accomplish that by helping them gain Control, Visibility and Efficiency in their Deposit-to-Post cycle, and our solutions deliver on that promise.